Brand Positioning

YETI didn’t have a bad problem to solve — their products were so durable that they seldom needed replacing. At the time, they approached McGarrah Jessee as a niche brand with a super passionate core-audience, but needed to expand their market. Our goal was to understand the basis for consumer-brand connection and find out what parts of that resonate with more mainstream audiences. By conducting interviews with hardcore users, outdoor gear customers, and known customers, we discovered the two most important drivers of brand love were product integrity and performance. The idea that surfaced was YETI makes sure their customers are seriously prepared for extraordinary pursuits. The product was so well engineered that it could take on just about anything and go just about anywhere. This manifested itself through creative applications of the idea that YETI is built for the wild — this idea lead the way in content strategy for product advertising, brand films and a unique retail experience.