Most people don’t give too much thought to their gas station convenience store experience, especially given that most of them are more or less the same. The challenge with Stripes was to create a unique point of distinction beyond the fact that they had a wider product selection than the other guys. Sometimes you just really need a gas station that is easy to access and quick to get to. But when location and drive access weren’t the most factors, why did Stripes customers choose Stripes over other brands? This is the question for which we sought answers.

We stopped and interviewed willing customers coming and going at Stripes locations, and our key insight emerged: they chose Stripes because it was the best part of their day. Stripes customers were stopping to refuel on their break before heading back to do hard labor, or grabbing a six-pack, or slushee,  to take home at the end of a long day. We took this insight and applied it in a way that made Stripes their dose of instant happy in a pleasure desert. This manifested itself through establishing a brand voice and creative strategy for product development and package design.