Get me a busted strategy, weary campaign, confounded design team, frustrated account group, content strategy that’s not working or creative brief that nobody knows what to do with. I’ll help you identify and fix what’s broke.

Strategy consulting for brand teams and agency partners

I bring a wealth of experience to your research, strategy, marketing, communication and interaction development challenges.

Positioning, brand planning and creative focus

I prioritize information, sort out ideas, and bring focus to your evolving business model. I help you identify and articulate a creative center of gravity for brand development that everyone knows what to do with.

Content strategy, interaction development and brand innovation

I identify opportunities to engage customers and prospects in new and meaningful ways and chart a course for creative development across branding, customer experience, marketing, portfolio development and product and service line innovation.


My process is entirely iterative. I study what you give me, come back with ideas to share, listen to feedback, dig in deeper and come back with more, until we’ve reached our goals. Client engagements are built to suit the unique needs of clients. I can work on-site or off – with individual and team sessions or via workshops designed to align and inspire multiple constituents. While there’s no such thing as a typical assignment, here are common engagements, organized by order of operations:


1.     Preliminary assessment

I listen to your team, study internal documents and review public-facing brand content in order to identify potential quick-fixes and recommend longer-term opportunities for brand development. This sets the stage for productive SOW planning and proposal development.

2.   SOW clarification and project planning

I provide a POV on research and information gaps, brand development opportunities and potential resource requirements and work then with your team to identify people, process, timelines, budgets and end-stage deliverables. 

3.   Information collection and primary research

I organize existing data, collect missing information and prioritize the thoughts and feelings of employees, customers, prospects to and others to form building blocks for brand development. For clients requiring primary research, I design methodology and sometimes enlist the services of qualitative and quantitiave research specialists who study people, culture, navigation paths, purchase triggers, conversion dynamics and other realms.

4.   Positioning insight and brand planning

With a solid understanding of the brand opportunity and healthy dose of human empathy, I help you identify and articulate a creative center of gravity that everyone knows what to do with. As author, editor and contributor, I work with your teams to develop effective brand connection insights, ideas, documentation, brand creative briefs, information libraries, brand books, branding and core messaging assets, story and narrative outlines and other expressions of brand fundament.

5.   Content strategy and creative planning

Within the context of an existing governing brand idea, I review your marketing initiatives, competitors, customers and prospects and relevant media environments, listening for brand-building content and interaction development opportunity. As author, editor and contributor, I bring focus to creative development, interaction design, produced content, social conversation participation and live media programming. I work with your team to prioritize and calendarize development efforts against time and budget constraints.

6.  Data strategy and analytics

I study your performance measures, data collection methods, research planning and reporting tools and strategic integration process to help improve the signal-to-noise ratio. As coach and counselor, I identify what’s missing and optimize your process for collecting performance data, transforming that data into information and implementing the creative consequences of new information across your product experience, marketing and media ecosystem.

7.   Process and organizations alignment

I review your team structure, agency relationships, creative development process and strategic building blocks to improve communication and cooperation. As process architect and team coach, I listen for brand development roadblocks and identify ways to help your team to work together more effectively.

8.  Portfolio, product and service innovation

I take stock of your brand, customers, prospects, category evolution and long-term business goals to identify opportunities for innovation. As a sounding board, idea generator, process architect, workshop moderator or concept receptivity and validation research director, I help your brand prepare for growth by identifying new ideas that are in tune with the people now and likely to be meaningful in the future.