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Formerly answering to the name “Construction Industry 2.0”, this emerging venture came in need of capturing mindshare with the goal of becoming a new industry standard. Now known as Prairie Dog, the platform facilitates communication between commercial construction buyers and sellers for superior project management and optimization. Since Prairie Dog solves several major problems plaguing productivity in the construction industry, it was important to identify the key value the platform brings to its users. Our goal was help the discovered core value proposition stand out in the construction industry technology and engineering space in a unique and memorable way.

How could we communicate this complex tool in a simple and memorable way? Through our exploration process, we identified the perfect metaphor to connect the tool’s core value of communication and the construction industry: Prairie dogs. Prairie dogs are, in fact, master builders and communicators. They built vast “towns” of underground communities with nothing but a series of squeaks and barks. Building off of this central idea, we were able to develop a new company name, branding, and a foundation for business development.