Strategic Tuners include research analysts, business and marketing strategists, creative planners, product and customer experience planners and data strategists.

Creative Tuners include visual identity and branding designers, voice and core messaging writers, CX content and interaction designers, social community and conversation developers and marketing and advertising creative specialists.


Tabitha Ford


Creative Planner, Designer

Tabitha is a creative thinker, problem solver, graphic designer, art director, photographer and storymaker. Tabitha works as a professional creative contractor.


Cameron Day


Creative Director, Collaborator, and Seasoned Content-ologist

Cameron has earned every gray hair on his shaggy head solving brand puzzles and leading creative troops at BBDO, GSD&M, Saatchi & Saatchi and regional hot shops including McGarrah Jessee.  

He’s won a multitude of creative awards and is famous amongst his peers for bringing a fresh voice and compelling personality to every brand he touches.


Warren Elwin


Artist, Brand Wrangler, Designer & Well Seasoned Foodist

From sous chef to visual communications student to design director in adland America, Warren is a passionately creative character who casts a keen eye on the role chance plays in the search for composition, color and harmony. Back home in New Zealand, he continues to help brands large and small find their voice, writes recipe driven food stories for the national paper (appears occasionally on TV with his own brand of ‘look & cook’ gastronomy), and art directs our people into our places, tempting the world’s people to come and see Aotearoa.

“I’m older than cold water, and sweeter than salt.”

Michelle watson


Strategist, Writer

Michelle helps brands tell their best stories and reach new audiences. A creative strategist experienced in brand positioning, consumer research, and campaign strategy, she looks for the intersections between brand truths, consumer insights, and cultural trends. In other words, she asks a lot of questions. She’s also an aspiring goldsmith. 


Brad phillips

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 6.54.04 PM.png

Co-Founder & Director of Design at Foxtrot

Brad is the co-founder and Director of User Experience at Foxtrot. He has 20+ years of discipline-spanning product development experience including strategy, visual design, UX, branding, content and marketing. 

Always eager to tackle complex problems, Brad finds creative ways to objectively resolve the sometimes disparate needs of real people while meeting client goals.


Adrian Penn


Co-Founder & Technology Director at Foxtrot

Adrian is skilled at quickly finding the right technology solutions for creative experiences. With deep roots across data visualization, animation, interaction design, game design & development, and software development, Adrian serves as technology director for Foxtrot's design and development clients and as a strategic advisor to a number of Austin interactive technology companies. 


Charise mita

CMITA pic.jpg

Culture Change & Brand Strategy

Charise brings a deep understanding of human nature, culture and language into the picture. With a PhD and abundant curiosity, she explores the deep layers of meaning that we construct or absorb from culture, and that drive our behavior.


Hannah Puckett


CX Storyteller and Planner

Equal parts explorer, cartographer, and guide, Hannah is an agency creative-turned freelance strategist whose passion is helping brands navigate their destinies in step with their customer's journeys. An proponent of co-created innovation and participatory design, her expertise lies in exploring brave new territories for brands to play, orienting them to evolving customer and business landscapes, and guiding them with tangible roadmaps: customer journey maps, landscape assessments and guides, and strategic briefs creatives want to bring to life. Hannah is a Texpat currently based in Cape Town, SA.  



Chris raniere

Chris Raniere.jpeg

Creative & Media Asset Investment Portfolio Development

Chris is a seasoned digital marketing executive with an excellent sense for how to carve up budgets across creative formats and media channels. Chris helps brands spend money wisely.



Data Strategist & Sales Growth Practitioner

Ron has worked across a vast spectrum of notable and iconic consumer and b2b brands pushing the envelope in Enterprise AI solutions. He serves his clients with unique perspective and veracious hunger for problem solving. Ron helps his clients innovate wisely, succeed and win with integrity. He's also been known to hop on stage to exercise his comedy chops.

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