When JetBlue approached us looking to develop a new airline, the need to create a brand that threw away any traditional conventions of the air travel experience from start to finish quickly revealed itself. Air travelers are beholden to the whims of the big airlines, having little control over more than selecting their destination. Everything about dealing with an airline was a giant pain — the process resulting in an experience less about the journey, and more about just getting to the destination in one piece.

From crowded seats, to long lines, to flight delays, people were fed up with the entire air travel experience. So, we decided to start over. JetBlue could not look, act, or sound like an existing airline, or any airline at all, for that matter. We abandoned all conventions to create positioning, naming, branding logo, identity, marketing launch and comprehensive design solution for the customer experience with digital and physical media. There was no part of the brand we did not tough. The result was an easy, dare say enjoyable, air travel experience focused on a pleasant journey from start to finish.